Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#fedupchallenge - day three!

When I was quitting smoking I read and reread that it only takes 72 hours for nicotine to leave your body and that any cravings after that were purely psychological. When I started this no added sugar challenge I was expecting the same kind of withdrawal pangs, the same intense suffering of something I thought I enjoyed so much being quickly and cruelly ripped away from me... by myself. Weirdo. Anyway! What I'm trying to say is that we've reached the end of day three and that's 72 whole hours of the #fedupchallenge completed with STILL NO SYMPTOMS! I have noted zero changes in myself aside from a little outbreak of very attractive zits on my chin (joining the burn mark from attempting to close the kettle with my chin) and the occasional hallucination of dancing chocolate bars (okay this only happened once and during a VERY boring class). 

Then again, I've noted pretty much zero changes in my diet so far apart from the fact that I'm eating 3-5 solid meals a day as opposed to "grazing" throughout the whole day. The only major factor is alcohol which I must admit I am missing but mainly for it's social qualities. I've attended two grownup parties (sit down dinner and sophisticated chats kind of affairs) since I've started and there's simply something a little off about enjoying a good conversation with a sparkling water (not to mention the absence of enhanced political knowledge alcohol tended to provide me with).

Dash coconut milk (canned)
Frozen berries
Flax seed

Does this need an explanation? Just in case: dump all ingredients into a bowl. Eat. Mm delicioso.

This lunch time was definitely my favourite moment of the challenge so far! As I started chopping the onions for my fritatta the doorbell rang and a housemate of mine joined me in lunch making. I'd just like to note that I'm not bashing her lunch option because it's a firm favourite of mine but the comparison for means of the challenge is just too good not to share. She was running around the kitchen in a fluster (because our lunch breaks are just TOO SHORT FOR ANYTHING) hoping to prepare a quick, delish lunch. She definitely succeeded with her fishfinger sandwich but the funny thing is it took exactly the same amount of time to prepare as my mushroom, kale & Parmesan fritatta. People often mention that they don't follow a healthier lifestyle because it's "too time consuming", a misconception that makes my hair stand on end. It's as time consuming as you make it!

Spicy Mushroom, Kale & Parmigiano "Fritatta"

Handful of mushrooms chopped as you wish
Two big handfuls of kale
Small onion - finely chopped
Garlic clove - crushed
Chili Flakes
Butter or oil (I used butter because everyone knows mushrooms and butter are a winning combo)
Two large eggs - whisked

Heat your oil/butter in a frying pan (best if it's non-stick but as students most of our pans definitely ain't - just an excuse to add more butter!) and add the mushrooms, garlic, onions and chili flakes. I know you're supposed to add all these things at different times because of aromas, water release, flavours or whatevs but who got time for that? Not me. Once you think your mushrooms are almost done cover the pan in kale, like genuinely cover it, kale shrinks and you want lots. Or not, then don't cover your pan in kale and just put in as much as you want... Moooving on. Once your kale starts to wilt throw the eggs on top and push the forming omelette/fritatta thang to one side of your pan (unless your pan is awesome and two eggs cover it nicely. Mine didn't so I made it in half the pan). Turn off the heat (completely if it's an electric hob and will stay warm for a while or otherwise just really low) and cover with foil. Leave it until it's almost done then remember you haven't actually seasoned it so throw some cheese on it and some fresh herbs or whatever you have lying around then cover it again and leave for an extra 5 minutes. Eat. Enjoy.


I had to babysit tonight so dinner was courtesy of my housemate Dan and on the table for me upon my return! Lush. He'd made a giant couscous (never heard of giant couscous but it was SICK, almost like eating those little jelly balls that were all the rage in primary school that came in a jar and were definitely NOT edible but you always wondered what it would be like to put them in your mouth because putting your hand in them was so much fun... no? just me? okay.) with cucumber and feta cheese. I added some tomato, mint, tumeric and pomegranate because I had them lying around and I thought why the ffffffff not. It was fabtastic.

Over and out, Tiger Laylay xo

p.s Jamie Oliver didn't end up visiting me today. What a loser. He'll be around tomorrow FO SHO so stay tuned! xo

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