Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#fedupchallenge - day 4!

Two days ago I promised I'd find out about the sneaky lil buggers that are carbohydrates and how they affect the sugar challenge. I contacted my cousin, a nutritionist, who informed me that indeed, the consumption of carbs is going to affect my sugar cravings (or lack thereof). Apparently, when you consume carbohydrates they are released into your body as glucose. A medium potato can basically give you the same blood sugar spike as a chocolate bar! Eating carbohydrates alongside protein can slow down this glucose process and always pick complex carbs over crap carbs! So, that's been made pretty clear, and I'm also pretty sure a normal person would just accept the fact that there's no way they can live without sugar, alcohol AND carbs and move on their merry, carby way. Emphasis on the normal. Because what have I gone and done? Bought a fucking vegetable spiralizer AND almost peed myself with excited at the prospect of courgetti, zuccaroni and perfect sweet potato curly fries. My carbless life saver arrives Friday.

Day four has been hectic so unfortunately there's a lack of instagram photos to adorn this blog entry. My meals, however have been fabuloso, y'all just gonna have to belive me on that one!

Avocado on toast! Literally one of the most amazing go to meals when you're in a rush. Toasted pumpkin rye (available at AH, discovered by my partner in sugerfree crime) slathered with creamy avocado topped with a little lemon juice, salt, pepper & chili flakes. Shoving into face whilst you speed around the house gathering your teaching materials is optional!

As I've mentioned, today was a busy  day! Rushing around uni from 8:45 and then off to Goes to teach I'm usually starving by the time we finish around 3pm. Today I really learnt the true meaning of PREPARATION IS KEY! Armed with a banana, a baby tupperware filled with almonds and 2 liters of water I survived like no man's business. This being said, lunch was definitely well received!

Butter/oil (again...... Butter wins here every time)
Olive oil
Black olives
Cottage cheese
Pop kale in a bowl and massage with oil and lemon juice. Leave this to one side whilst you sauté mushrooms in butter with crushed garlic and roughly chopped onions. Cut, chop, nibble at (and maybe slightly spill under the table) the rest of the veggies, whack everything into the kale bowl and eeeeaaaat. Making Mmm noises and force feeding all your housemates some is definitely not optional.
Treated by my man to a lovely healthy meal of chicken, veggies and my home made sweet potato fries. He and his housemate enjoyed theirs with a honey mustard dressing and an amazing smelling baguette which, like most bread, was laden with dextrose. I resorted to smelling it. Like I had done with Amber's chocolate chips around lunchtime. Weird? Me? You try four days without chocolate my friend, then we'll talk.
Sweet potato fries
Sweet potatoes
Tad pepper
Garlic powder
Chili or cayennepepper
Chop your potato into chip (fries for you americanos) size bits (haha, INSIDER COMMENT: my phone just autocorrected that to boys... Sorry seemed funny when it happend. Be there moment.) and boil until almost tender. Drain and pat dry. Lightly cover in oil and season with all the things listed above. Space out (IMPORTANT step if you want them  to be crispy) on a baking tray and cook at 200 degrees for 40 mins, tossing once.
My food today was styled by Stijn and the picture was taken whilst Renald (his lovely housemate) held up a lamp so I could get a good snap. Take a moment to picture this scene. Enjoy.

Day four is over and I'm still not missing the sugar. I usually only really drink at the weekend so I haven't missed that toooo much either. I do really fancy a massive hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream. But, following the nicotine cravings I suffered all those 18 months ago and am still traumatised by this is nooothing! So basically what I'm saying is: if you wanna attempt this challenge start smoking first, then quit, then try.
Ok doei! Tiger Laylay xo

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