Thursday, November 6, 2014

#fedupchallenge - day cinco!

Another busy day in my no added sugar life! You never really realize how busy you are until you decide to document it (and subsequently struggle to find the time to do so!) Today was market day so I've stocked up on my veggies to continue giving you guys some fun recipes! Thank you all so much for the lovely messages I've been receiving about the blog - I can't explain how exciting it is to hear that you're enjoying my rantings and even trying out my recipes. Almost as exciting as being one day closer to receiving my vegetable spiralizer. Almost.


I recently heard someone comment that they'd love to have a boyfriend just for the winter as it's a cold season where all you really do is drink hot chocolate and watch movies. Well, let me tell you, dragging your toasty butt out of bed at 7 a.m whilst your significant other lovingly snores on for another hour is SO. DIFFICULT. I have NEVER cycled home so fast in the morning in my life. Talk about FREEZING! SO MANY CAPS. SORRY. BUT I HAVE TO EMPHASIZE JUST HOW COLD IT WAS. In order to warm my cockles this morning I made a hearty bowl of banana oatmeal with extra nutmeg, always a winner for instant warmth! Aesthetics of my nourishment and pictures were definitely the last things on my mind. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


As mentioned previously, 45 minutes is just not enough time for lunch! Need to start prepping for days where I know I don't have much time! I recently made the much hyped about cauliflower pizza (will upload recipe soon! still playing around with consistencies) and had some left over sauce so decided to put it to good use. I managed to make whack some pizza breads together, a recipe which actually originated from a desperate, drunken snack but actually turned out quite satisfactory! I've also made this on pita breads before which is also boomtastic.

Sober Pizza Breads
Bread (I used the sugar free Pumpkin Rye)
Tomato sauce - homemade
Dried oregano

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees whilst you whack all your ingredients on to your bread. You can lightly toast your bread first and pop some olive oil on it but I didn't have time for all that faffing today so just slapped everything on and ran. 

Again, cooked for! Feeling a little spoiled! Amber and her boyfriend made a delicious Jaime Oliver "paella" with red bell pepper, peas, carrots, chicken and chorizo. The chorizo unfortunately contained dextrose so I skipped out but added extra peppers to my own bowl, handed out my chorizo and everyone was happy! Moments like these make me realize just how simple it really is to maintain this lifestyle. Sugar may be in absolutely everything but cutting it is an easier task than I expected. A few small tweaks here and there and bobs your uncle. 

I have saved the best for last however. There has been one food I used to eat daily, raved about on most health blogs, which I unfortunately had to cut out due to its sugar content. Peanut butter. I absolutely adore peanut butter. Amber and I once decided (and maybe tested) that peanut butter goes with just about absolutely bloody EVERYTHING. So, whilst I was at the market today I passed a little stall selling peanuts for peanuts and I decided to give it a go. It was so easy to make however next time I'll definitely be buying shelled peanuts as to fill one jar I spent 1 hour shelling! Is it weird that the whole time I thought I could start a "Stop Smoking with Tiger" factory with all the people wanting to quit shelling the peanuts for my peanut butter? Even if it's just because it was such a satisfying manual task? Yes? Okay, pretend I never said that.

Tiger Peanut Butter
Olive Oil

Put your shelled peanuts into a blender (I literally own Hema's cheapest blender and it did a top job!) and whizz them into crumbles. Add some olive oil. I'd try to be specific here but the quantity of your oil is relevant to the quantity of peanuts. Go with your gut. I used about 4 tablespoons for all my peanuts which ended up filling an old peanut butter jar. Add salt and lots of cinnamon. I always put cinnamon on my peanut butter but everyone's taste buds are different! Also, if you're not following a no added sugar diet I'd add some honey. Blitz in the blender again until you have a smooth paste. Try not to eat the whole jar at once. Delicioso!

And that just about sums up day 5! I'm still feeling good, even better than I did 5 days ago in fact. My worst moment so far happened today during developmental psychology as my teacher had adorned every single table with mini chocolates. As everyone tucked in I sipped my lemon and mint water cursing the challenge. But apart from that (and maybe the excessive sniffing of my housemates treats), I've been doing just fine. Bring on dia 6.

Toodle pip, Tiger Laylay xo

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