Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#fedupchallenge - day 10! We made it!

DAY 10 DAY 10 DAY 10! THE FED UP CHALLENGE HAS BEEN COMPLETED! Above any of the benefits I've felt or seen over the last 10 days the best thing that's come from this challenge is the rediscovery of my willpower. We all have willpower somewhere inside us and if you're really looking for something to drag it out from hibernation this is it! And, if 10 days without sugar really isn't yo thang but you're still seeking a wake up call for your willpower I actually really recommend the book that changed my life: Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Even if you don't smoke, this book provides many valuable techniques that can be used in any situation, namely the choice method. I don't know if that's what he called it but it's definitely something I learned from the book. You're in charge of your own choices, every moment of every day. Yes, you could definitely
eat that chocolate bar, enjoy it for a bit and then feel shit later, sure, go ahead. Or, you could consciously chose not to and forget all about it 5 minutes later. Obviously if you're not avoiding chocolate like the plague then go ahead, stuff that bar of deliciousness in your pie hole but if you're aiming to test your willpower it's simply a question of making conscious choices. And those lie in no-one’s hands but your own, my friend.


As I had woken up early to study for my french exam, realized quite quickly I suck at French anyway and given up, I had a little extra time on my hands this morning! I decided to whip up a round of eggy bread - a mix up between my avocado toast and berry oatmeal hey, sticking to what I know!

Nutmeg & Cinnamon Eggy Bread with Forest Fruit "compote"

1 Large egg
Coconut milk
Frozen berries (or any other fruit really)
Cottage cheese/cream cheese

Crack an egg into a bowl whisk it with a fork, incorporating cinnamon and nutmeg. Slice your bread into triangles and let them soak in the egg mixture. Heat some butter in a pan and pop the triangles in. Let them toast until they are golden brown on each side. Notice at the last minute that all your spices are still at the bottom of the bowl. Cover toast in cinnamon. Mush microwaved frozen berries into a spoonful of cottage cheese (or cream cheese I think would also be fab) and slather this on. Enjoy with a cuppa and wish you'd made more.


As promised, I made my chickpea burgers and they were definitely my best yet. I made these all the time and the recipe varies greatly. Tonight, I made them with oat flour, something I picked up at AH for a change and I'm pretty sure it's what made them. I teamed them with red pepper and some left over tzatziki as I usually have them with yogurt, I figured it would be nice too. However, I didn't make them as spicy as I usually do and the tzatziki was almost too bland to have with them. I would recommend a spicy sauce. I have a few left so I'm going to experiment with sauces tomorrow!

Chickpea Burgers (makes about 4)

1 Can of Chickpeas - drained
1 medium egg
Half an onion

Crushed garlic
All the herbs you can find and think will be nice
Dash of lemon juice
Oat flour (or any flour, or none at all - I've tried both ways and no huge differences)
Grated carrots - with as much moisture removed as possible (I use a bit of kitchen towel)

Mash the chickpeas, onion and crushed garlic with a potato masher. You can make it as smooth or as coarse as you like. I tend to leave a few chickpeas whole but it really doesn't matter. Add the rest of your ingredients. I find it easiest to add the carrot at the very end just because it's easier to mix in once the eggs in. Roll, prod and squish your mixture into burger shaped patties. Put into a pan with hot coconut oil, let them sizzle on both sides and hey presto. I've never actually tried this but I'm pretty sure the mixture will freeze well. It survives in the fridge for like 3 days too so this is a great recipe to make a batch of! When I'm not avoiding sugar I always have these with sweet chili sauce because I think every meal should include sweet chili sauce, but particularly this one. 

Et, c'est tout! I've completed the 10 day challenge. I'm going to enjoy a humongous glass of vino now, have a day off tomorrow, then maybe continue for the rest of the month. Thank you all for ALL the messages, I've really enjoyed blogging again! Holla if you think I should continue!

Wine time.

Over and out, Tiger Laylay xo 

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